LSE/IMPERIAL GROUPS 2015 - Conference - 3 July 2015

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LSE/Imperial GROUPS 2015 wrapped up on Friday 3 July with the capstone Conference, which was a resounding success, and great fun for everyone who attended! The theme this year was 'Social change in London'.


The Best Research Paper Prize was won by GROUP 12 (Huynh Son Do, Indrishka Grewal,  Jaume Vives, Amna Samar Askari, TsangTin Chak, Lang Xu for

Asking for help: How do British and international students differ in their use of mental health services offered at LSE and Imperial?


The Best Presentation Prize was awarded to GROUP 3 (Darren Hilliard, Alexander Howells,  Julia Schmidt, Amal Niaz Shaikh, Klas Wetterberg for

The competitive university: How does the neoliberalisation of UK universities affect LSE/Imperial academics’ research and well-being?

 GROUP 7 real

The Popular Prize was taken by GROUP 7 (Farid Hamka, Yvonne Xueyu He, Danting Ni,  David Goldsmith, Elise Donaldson for

Love for share: The relationship between the usage of geo-social networking applications and attitudes to consensual non-monogamy and marriage

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Search #GROUPS2015 on Twitter for photographs, comments and insights from the event's attendees, and have a look at the event programme (complete with each group's abstract) here.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make LSE/Imperial GROUPS such a great success this year! 

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#GROUPS2015 Conference this Friday!

Our LSE and Imperial College student researchers have picked their topics, which were unveiled at a special presentation at Imperial on Friday 26 June! They will be working all this week on further data collection and analysis, to illuminate aspects of their chosen topic. Keep track of our hashtag #GROUPS2015 on Twitter to learn more throughout the week!

Their final findings will be presented at our closing Conference this Friday (3 July), where prizes for best group papers and presentations will also be awarded. Please click this link to learn more!  


LSE/Imperial GROUPS 2015 underway!

LSE/Imperial GROUPS 2015 kicked off with a bang on Monday 22 June, with LSE and Imperial undergraduates being introduced to their fellow researchers and the programme for the busy weeks ahead in the NAB Lower Ground Reception area!

Dr Claire Gordon and Dr Joseph Downing from LSE Teaching and Learning Centre gave welcome talks, laying out the schedule for the fortnight ahead. The gathered students were then treated to two short lectures by Dr Oscar Ces from the Department of Chemistry, Imperial College and Dr Ana Gutierrez from the Department of Anthropology, LSE, who discussed the unique advantages and potential of research in London.

To learn more about LSE/Imperial GROUPS on Twitter, search #GROUPS2015, and be part of the conversation! If you require further information, or are interested in attending the results conference on 3 July (limited places available!),  please email



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What is it?

LSE GROUPS (Group Research Opportunity Undergraduate Projects) is a fantastic opportunity for LSE undergraduates to take part in an original social science research project.

We are delighted to be partnering this year with Imperial College, whose undergraduates will be joining LSE’s to work in truly interdisciplinary groups. This promises to be a fascinating showcase for the different perspectives and expertise being developed in students from two of the world’s leading research institutions. 

If you require further information, please email

For photographs, film, themes and winners from LSE GROUPS since 2011, see our LSE GROUPS past projects page.

What does it involve?

A commitment to participation for two weeks, full time, at the end of Summer Term

Working in small, interdisciplinary groups of mixed years, with a research supervisor, on an original research project from a given theme

Research conference on final day

What's in it for participants?

Enhancing research skills and critical thinking

Extending skills in team work, communication, negotiation, presentation

Possible publication in journals, LSE blogs, etc., and attendance at conferences

How to get in touch

If you have any questions about LSE GROUPS in general, or about an application already made, please email 

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LSE GROUPS is just one of several Maximise Your Potential opportunities available to LSE's undergraduates.



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