Teaching Task Force

"The 2008 Teaching Task Force demonstrated that the School does take teaching seriously. It is my hope that the new Teaching Task Force will show that we take innovation seriously and that through this we can enhance not only the student's learning experience but also the opportunities for faculty to enjoy teaching." Professor Paul Kelly, Pro Director for Teaching and Learning, in Teaching Matters, January 2013

LSE's new Teaching Task Force, known also as Teaching Task Force 2, or TTF2, was formally approved by Academic Board in November 2012.

The background to and an outline of Teaching Task Force 2 can be read on the Academic Board| web pages (restricted access). Click the Papers and other documents link, and select the AB4 (TTF2) document from the 21 November 2012 papers in the 2012-2013 folder.

The January 2013 edition of Teaching Matters| (PDF) includes an introduction to Teaching Task Force 2 by Professor Paul Kelly. 

A report by Professor Janet Hartley on LSE's first Teaching Task Force, launched in 2008 and completed in 2012, is available at our Teaching Task Force 1| page. 

We will be posting more content on this page as Teaching Task Force 2 is rolled out.