New academics

If you are new to the School, and/ or new to teaching in higher education (HE) in the UK, welcome!

You should receive an invitation to the School's New Academic Induction Programme that runs annually at the end of September. This will provide a useful introduction to teaching and research at LSE. If you haven't already heard about the induction, please contact us at| or ext. 6624 giving your name, contact details, and where you are working in the School.

The New Academic Induction Programme provides an ideal opportunity to meet colleagues in other departments. People often forge links during the programme that endure over the years, and provide interesting opportunities for collaboration at a later stage.

All new lecturers should have an academic mentor - check with your department if this has not already been arranged.

You are welcome to attend any of the Teaching and Learning Centre's staff development events or undertake the LSE Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education(see our Development and training| programme).

If you want more detailed support on teaching, you could explore our one-to-one professional development options or apply for External Programmes Fee Support| funding. If you are interested in using technology in teaching, contact the Centre for Learning Technology|.

To get a feel for UK HE teaching developments, it is worth visiting some of the key UK HE websites. In particular:

For full details of teaching quality assurance work across the School, see Teaching Quality Assurance and Review Office (TQARO)|.