Educational developers at LSE

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Staff in the Teaching and Learning Centre's Educational development team are available to work with departments in groups and/or one to one settings on any teaching or learning related matter. See below for the name of the educational developer assigned to your department and, at the bottom of the page, their contact details.

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Left to right: Dr Claire Gordon, Neil McLean, Dr Claudine Provencher

Accounting: Neil McLean

Anthropology: Neil McLean

Economics: Dr Claudine Provencher

Economic History: Dr Claire Gordon

European Institute: Dr Claudine Provencher

Finance: Neil McLean

Gender Institute: Dr Claudine Provencher

Geography and Environment: Dr Claire Gordon

Government: Dr Claire Gordon

International Development: Dr Claire Gordon

International History: Dr Claire Gordon

International Relations: Dr Claire Gordon

Law: Neil McLean

Management: Dr Claudine Provencher

Mathematics: Dr Claudine Provencher

Media and Communications: Neil McLean

Methodology: Neil McLean

Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method: Neil McLean

Social Policy: Dr Claudine Provencher

Social Psychology: Neil McLean

Sociology: Dr Claire Gordon

Statistics: Dr Claudine Provencher

Contact details

Dr Claire Gordon:|, extension 5344

Neil McLean:|, extension 7180

Dr Claudine Provencher:|, extension 3715