Academic managers

LSE's Teaching and Learning Centre offers a range of development opportunities for heads of departments, institute and research centre directors and other academic staff who have leadership roles. We are always open to suggestions for new events and initiatives, and can arrange for tailored support where necessary, and if funds permit.

Heads of departments

Development programme for new heads of departments and institute directors

This is a comprehensive series of specialist events, supported by external coaching and access to senior administrative staff.

  • Each July there is a one day induction/overview session for new heads of departments and institute directors, alongside their departmental/institute managers, which focuses on the head of department/institute director role and introduces key staff who can guide and support them.
  • Throughout the year, there is a series of briefings and workshops focused on key aspects of academic management and leadership, including people management, strategic planning and change management.
  • All new heads of departments and institute directors are given access to an external coach with whom they are encouraged to meet on at least three occasions throughout the year. The purpose of this coaching relationship is to build skills and confidence in those areas of academic management and leadership where they are most needed.
  • All heads of departments and institute directors can at any time request additional support/training in any aspect of their role. These request may be met by meetings with particular individuals, both internal and external, funding to attend external training, or, where there is a request from several people for the same thing, tailored provision organised internally.

Ongoing support for heads of departments

Any head of department can contact the Teaching and Learning Centre to request a coach, funding to support them in external training related to their management role, or advice on people in the School to contact on any matter. Please contact our Head of Academic Development Dr Neil McLean initially:| 

All heads of departments can contact the Teaching and Learning Centre to request funding and support/guidance/ideas/input for organising departmental development events and awaydays through the Departmental Training and Development Fund. See our Funding| pages for more information.

All heads of departments are invited to attend informal meetings which precede the Department Heads Forum (DHF). These lunchtime sessions are co-chaired by two current heads of departments and supported by the Teaching and Learning Centre. Their purpose is two-fold: to provide time for heads of departments to discuss matters of shared interest/concern and to enable them to consider DHF agenda items together prior to meeting with the Director and other members of the Director's Management Team.

There is a Heads of Department Handbook|. Heads of departments may also wish to make use of the LSE People Management Toolkit| developed by HR's Organisational and Lifelong Learning team.

Interested in preparing to be a head of department?

Any member of faculty interested in becoming a head of department, and who is keen to develop their leadership and management skills in advance of taking up the role, is encouraged to join the LSE Leadership Development Programme| or may wish to contact the Teaching and Learning Centre to explore external training, for example through the Leadership Foundation|.

Research centre directors

Directors of research centres are welcome to contact the Teaching and Learning Centre to discuss development options. You may be interested in making use of elements of the provision for heads of departments, or you may wish to explore more tailored options for you and the staff in your centre, which can include tailored training for your research team and/or for you/your team to attend external training. See our Funding| pages for more information.

All research centre directors are invited to attend the Research Centre Directors' Forum. Contact Dr Sarabajaya Kumar, the development adviser to PhD students and research staff, for further details on this:|