PhD supervisors

In light of the changes to doctoral research and supervision in recent years (both internal and external to LSE), and in recognition of the crucial role that research supervisors play in the School, a range of support and development opportunities are on offer.



The Handbook for PhD supervisors| (PDF) brings together a wealth of information to help supervisors make the most of their role and responsibilities.As well as gathering together all regulatory and policy information pertinent to doctoral programmes at LSE it covers topics such as

  • the supervisory relationship;
  • annual reviews, upgrades and monitoring; and
  • evaluating doctoral provision.

Also available in hard copy (by request to|)

Our Resources| page includes a range of other materials for teachers at LSE.

Development opportunities

Every year the Teaching and Learning Centre runs a dedicated session for new PhD supervisors as part of its New Academic Induction Programme in early September. All new PhD supervisors will be sent details of this session through their home departments.

See our Academic Development Scheme| page for information about ways in which you can pursue both informal development and formal progression at LSE.

One to one advice

Academic developers in LSE's Teaching and Learning Centre work with departments in either group or one to one settings to talk about any aspect of teaching or learning. See our Departmental advisers| page for more information and contact details.

For your students

The Teaching and Learning Centre runs a year-round academic and professional development programme| for doctoral students. Developed in line with Vitae's national Researcher Development Programme, its interdisciplinary workshops are designed to support all stages of the PhD cycle and help students to strengthen the impact of their research, both within and beyond academia.

Information about the many other sources of information and advice across the School, and news about events, funding and networking opportunities, are available at our PhD students| pages.