Development and training

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LSE's Teaching and Learning Centre offers a wide range of development and training opportunities for both students and staff, from study advice for undergraduate and MSc students to a series of tailored workshops for PhD students and research staff, as well as the accredited Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education course and events for teaching staff and academic managers.

Learning and personal development events for undergraduate and MSc students 2014/15

This year-round series of free lectures and workshops is designed to complement your academic learning and help you make the most of your time at LSE and beyond. 

You can find news about other events and services - including one to one sessions for study and writing advice, post-exam special events and a range of well-being services - on our Undergraduate and MSc students| page. 


Academic and professional development for PhD students 2014/15

As well as the events below, see our PhD students| pages for news, information and other development opportunities.


Academic development programme 2014/15

Make the most of your research, teaching and academic/research management with this programme of workshops.  Please see our Academic Development Scheme page| or contact|  for more information. See also our Research staff |pages for news, information and other development opportunities.