LSE teaching cafés

LSE teaching cafe June 2015LSE teaching cafe June 2015LSE teaching cafe June 2015

Launched in 2014, our termly teaching cafés have become popular places for informal discussion and exchange among academic staff. They are hosted jointly with the LSE Educational Strategy Unit. Breakfast buffet and refreshments are provided.

If you would like to know more, or be added to the guest list for cafés in 2017/18, please email us at!

Summer Term 2017

Thursday 1 June

Our speakers for this session were Professor Bridget Hutter (Sociology/CARR), Dr Sumi Madhok (Gender Institute) and Yash Salunkhe and Shirley Wang (LSE Posters in Parliament 2017 participants). 

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Lent Term 2017

Thursday 2 February

Speakers at this session were Wicher Bergsma (Statistics), on the ST312 Applied Statistics Project; Suzi Hall (LSE Cities), on the City Design Research Studio; and Thomas Leeper (Government) on the MSc course 'Public opinion, political psychology and citizenship.

You can find a LSE Education Blog piece about the event here

Michaelmas Term 2016

Thursday 24 November

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Speakers were Jessica Templeton (LSE100), Eric Schneider (Econ History) and Robert Clark (on GROUPS 2016).

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Summer Term café 2015/16

This café took place as part of the LSE Education Symposium on 11 May 2016.

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Lent Term café 2015/16

On 4 February, three academics and a student – Ed Page (Government), Stuart Gordon (International Development), Lisa McKenzie (Sociology) and Ronda Daniel (Sociology) – discussed their experiences of managing and/or participating in research partnerships, followed by open conversations on the subject at tables. 

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Michaelmas Term café 2015/16

The first of this year's cafés kicked off on 25 November. Three LSE academics - Jennifer Jackson-Preece (European Institute), Peter Ramsay (Law) and Lea Ypi (Government) - led a discussion about their experiences of using their research in their teaching, with questions raised by other participants and much lively debate from all attendees!

Recordings from the café can be listened to below. The first part covers the speakers' introductions, and the second the roundtable discussion that followed.

LSE Teaching Café 2015/16 - Michaelmas Term (25 November) - pt. 1

LSE Teaching Café 2015/16 - Michaelmas Term (25 November) - pt. 2

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