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Photograph category

Can you convey your research through a photograph?

Photography allows you to think about your research in different ways, offering a fresh perspective. It can help you to consider what has inspired you or captured your imagination, to illustrate the people or stories involved in your research project, or to document elements of the research project itself.

If you submit a photograph to LSE Research Festival 2014 and it is accepted into the exhibition it will be 

  • printed (free of charge) and displayed at the Research Festival exhibition on 8 May 2014
  • uploaded to LSE open-access digital libraries (including LSE Research Online)
  • automatically entered for the photography category prize at the Research Festival Exhibition

Judging criteria

Photographs will be judged by an expert panel according to the following criteria:

1. Imagination: How original and arresting is the story behind the image? Does it challenge the viewer?

2. Visual impact: Where is our eye drawn to in the photograph? Is the view's attention captured in an interesting way?

3. Subject matter and coherence: How well does it relate to the description provided on the entry form?

Submission information

The deadline for submissions to the LSE Research Festival 2014 exhibition has now passed. Please check back for details on attending the exhibition.

Further information

If you require any additional information, please email|



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