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Can you convey your research through film?

Film allows you to think about your research in different ways, offering a fresh perspective. Using animation, moving image, filmed interviews and/or other techniques, you are able to tell the story behind your research or behind the subjects of your research, or to document the research process itself.

If you submit a film to LSE Research Festival 2014 and it is accepted into the exhibition it will be 

  • previewed at LSE Literary Festival events
  • screened at the Research Festival exhibition on 8 May 2014
  • uploaded to LSE open-access digital libraries (including LSE Research Online); and
  • automatically entered for the film category prize at the Research Festival Exhibition

Judging criteria

Films will be judged by an expert panel according to the following criteria:

1. Clarity: Is the central message of your film clearly conveyed?

2. Engagement: Does the film capture our imagination and hold our attention?

3. Coherence: Does the film address the isses outlined in the entry form? How well does the subject matter relate to the description provided?

4. Context: Is the film stand-alone in the sense that is requires no further contextualizing? Or, if the film is a fragment, is explanation offered as to how it sits within the research as a whole?

Submission information

The deadline for submissions to the LSE Research Festival 2014 exhibition has now passed. Please check back for details on attending the exhibition.


Further information

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