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Welcome to the homepage of the LSE Teaching and Learning Centre!

Our team offers a range of developmental and funding opportunities to all staff who teach and support students’ learning enabling them to develop and share their practice, work towards appropriate qualifications and foster teaching excellence in the social sciences.

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Coming soon to our site...

-the new LSE Education Blog

-new Notes of Guidance on Class ParticipationStudent Blogging, and Active Learning in Quantitative Classes

If you've just arrived at LSE to teach, why not check out our Academic Development Programme (events start from 28 September), follow us on Twitter, or join our Facebook Virtual Teaching Staffroom group!

What's new for 2016/17

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For academic staff, an expanded Academic Development Programme, with new workshops on supervising dissertations, designing effective feedback and teaching research methods.

For GTAs, a whole new set of Graduate teaching assistants pages.