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Overview of LSE Advancement

From August, the Office of Development and Alumni Relations will become LSE Advancement. This change is recognition by the School that Advancement better reflects LSE’s global vision for the office. Institutional Advancement offers a strategic way of engaging with key constituents such as alumni and friends, students and staff, organisations and the wider community to further the strategic aims of the School and to increase philanthropic income for agreed School priorities.

Within Advancement, the development team is focused on generating philanthropic gifts for strategic School funding priorities from alumni, friends, corporate organisations, trusts, foundations and other charitable entities. The aim of the alumni relations programme is to engage our closest supporters with each other and the School, to provide opportunities to volunteer their time, expertise, contacts and wealth to keep the School strong now, and build capacity for the future. Whilst this will focus mainly on alumni of the School, Advancement will also work with current students, parents, friends and family where appropriate. LSE Advancement holds a database of over 122,000 contactable alumni in over 190 countries worldwide.

Within LSE:

  • LSE Advancement is responsible for soliciting philanthropic gifts on behalf of the School and fully responsible for processing gifts and philanthropic grants from individuals and organisations
  • Research Division is responsible for generating research grants that are typically based on a research contract and often, but not exclusively, publicly funded
  • Business Partnerships (within Research Division) is responsible for developing long-term partnerships with business organisations
  • LSE Advancement is responsible for the screening and recording of all potential donors irrespective of source.

LSE Advancement and governance 

LSE Advancement reports directly to the LSE Director through the director of development and alumni relations. There are four committees and groups which LSE Advancement works with closely. For further information see governance|.

The Faculty Advisory Committee on Advancement (FACA) – an ad hoc advisory group convened by the Director - was formed in April 2014. FACA was established to build stronger relations between LSE Advancement and the School’s faculty, and to encourage the School to embrace fundraising as a way to achieve the School’s strategic aims.

LSE Advancement will support FACA by developing a case for support and by re-establishing the framework and goals of fundraising at the School.

Core priorities for fundraising will remain within the general fields of academic excellence, student support, campus development and building a sustainable future. Within these broad categories, focuses will emerge as defined by the Director under advice from FACA.

LSE Advancement will focus on major and transformative gift opportunities, which are integrated with institutional planning and academic priorities, and are aligned with donor data.

Under this new focus the Development Team will be looking to support Heads of Department by developing a case for support. It is from this ‘case statement’ that LSE Advancement will be most effective in supporting academic departments. It is therefore unlikely that we can prioritise stand-alone projects at the major gift level unaligned to prospect interests or institutional priorities.

North American office

LSE Advancement has a office in New York City in the United States which seeks support for the LSE Foundation and the LSE Centennial Fund.