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Records management

The School's Records Management policy was approved by Council at its meeting of 2 February 2010. The policy states.

All members of staff who create, store, receive and use records must:

  • Treat records as a School resource; 
  • Ensure as far as practicably possible that records are accurate and filed in such a way that they can be easily located; 
  • Keep records no longer than they are needed; 
  • Keep confidential records in a secure environment; 
  • Keep records stored in a safe and cost-effective way; 
  • Allow people to access information only if they need or have a right to do so; 
  • Create records that are accurate and that do not defame another individual, expose the LSE to unnecessary risk or to tamper with records in a way that risks them becoming inaccurate; 
  • Save long term records in an open source or archival format to ensure readability even if systems change

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