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Student responsibilities under the data protection act

If you are holding data on computer or in manual records on identifiable living individuals as part of your academic work, you must maintain proper records of what you are keeping, and you must keep them secure and confidential.

If you are in any doubt, you should discuss the matter with your tutor or supervisor, and consult the School's Data Protection Officer.

Data protection guidance for students

Use the following links to get access to guidance about:

What does the school do with student information?

Information on what information the School collects on students and who can see it can be found though the following links:

Data protection rights for students

Students have the same rights to information held on them by the School as any other type of individual.

If as a staff member you want to see the categories of information the School is likely to hold on you, you can check the Data Protection registry. You can also make a request for your own information (called a subject access request) or to have information about you updated or corrected.

Some information, such as transcripts, is available through other processes.