Student information

Student files

There is only one academic file per student held centrally - the green file. The green file contains application forms, references supporting application, academic records showing progress at the School, and accumulated correspondence.

Information is also held on SITS, the School's student database. This holds the same information as the green file and has for most undergraduate students replaced the green file almost entirely.

There is only one SITS entry/green file for each student, even though he or she might start as an undergraduate and finish as a postgraduate.

LSE for you| (also known as LSE4U or LFY) is a portal onto student data used to record and change data from changes of address to classroom attendance.

Student information is also held by the Financial Support Office, the Fees Office, Examinations (who hold the exam scripts), and academic appeals.

Student files are for the use only of those who have bona fide reasons for consulting them.

Green files must be returned by hand or in an envelope to the Student Services Centre (Ground Floor, Old Building) immediately after use. They should not be kept elsewhere unless absolutely necessary, and should never be left in unlocked rooms.

Access to SITS is controlled and only made available to staff listed below.

Statement on protection of data in students' personal files

Access to student files is restricted to those who have a direct interest in them:

  • The Director
  • Deputy Directors
  • Deans
  • The Secretary and Director of Administration
  • The staff in the Academic Registrar's Division
  • Tutors
  • Conveners
  • Departmental Tutors
  • Class teachers
  • Teachers named as referees by students
  • Teachers who have other bona fide reasons for examining a file
  • The School's medical staff
  • The Data Protection Officer
  • The Assistant Secretary, who deals with student complaints

The School does not place any reference to specific political or religious beliefs or activities in personal files except where the subject has been raised at the initiative of the student. Reference to extra-curricular activity may be included on a file where relevant to a student's academic progress.

After a student leaves the School the personal file is retained indefinitely. Access to the file continues to be tightly restricted to the categories of staff set out above.

The medical records of students are kept entirely separate from their academic files and medical staff alone have access to them.

The School's practice in dealing with outside requests for information about current students (other than those from statutory bodies requesting eg confirmation that a named student is registered at the School) is to refer the request to the student, leaving it to him or her to decide whether to respond.

Exam related information

Exam scripts, which includes assessed essays, dissertations and other summative assessment, are exempt from release under the DPA. However, marks or comments on or relating to the exam script are considered personal data and therefore can be released to the student.

The comments on exam scripts are transcribed by the Data Protection Officer to ensure the examiner cannot be identified, thereby keeping the double blind process secure. For further information on how data protection affects the exam process, please read this guidance note|. (pdf)