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Staff responsibilities under the act

LSE staff are responsible:

  • for raising with Rachael any issues relating to notification of data on which they are uncertain. While there are exemptions from certain provisions of the Act for specified types of personal data holding, these are often not as straightforward as might at first appear and it should always be assumed in the first instance that notification of all personal data is required;
  • for handling data in accordance with the 'eight Data Protection principles'. The School will seek to maintain staff awareness on this.

It cannot be emphasised too strongly that it is an offence for personal data to be held in the School, which is not covered by the School's notification to the Information Commissioner. If convicted of such an offence the School will be liable to incur substantial penalties.

Staff are therefore urged to familiarise themselves with the Act at the earliest available opportunity, since staff awareness and compliance with its provisions are the most effective deterrent to contravention.

General enquiries about releasing personal information should be made to the School’s Data Protection Officer. Requests made by law enforcement agencies should be forwarded to the Head of Security Paul Thornbury for processing.

Data Protection guidance for staff

Use the following links to get access to guidance about:

Data Protection rights for staff

Staff have the same rights to information held on them by the School as any other type of individual.

If as a staff member you want to see the categories of information the School is likely to hold on you, you can check the Data Protection registry. You can also make a request for your own information (called a subject access request) or to have information about you updated or corrected.

Some information is made available to staff via LSE For You or as a matter of course by contacting that section.


Collection Notice for staff

More information on the Collection of staff Data can be found here.