Making requests

You can request information about yourself by contacting the School's Data Protection Officer

You will be sent a subject access request form and will need to send it back to the Data Protection Officer. You will need to include:

  • the form.
  • a £10 fee. This can be either a cheque or money order. If you are outside the UK, it is possible to arrange for the fee to be directly transferred into the School's bank account. You will need to make it clear to the Data Protection Officer if this is how you need to pay. Unfortunately, the Data Protection Officer is not set up to take debit or credit cards.
  • proof of ID. A photocopy of a student card, staff card or passport will do, but there may be times when it will be necessary to see the originals

Once all three of these things have been received, the School has 40 days from the date of receipt to respond with what information we have that meets your request.

If you want to request that information about you is updated, changed or deleted, please contact the School's Data Protection Officer at

The School has 21 days in which to confirm changes or explain why we can't make the changes requested.

Requesting exam marks and comments

Before making a request to access exam-related data that are not routinely released by the School, please be advised of the following:

  • all data/comments are provided without interpretation or explanation;
  • data/comments cannot be used to negotiate a final mark(s) and/or challenge the academic judgement of any examiner(s), and are therefore inadmissible as grounds for appeal;
  • as examiners are not required to agree marks at the sub-component (e.g. question) level, individual examiner sub-component marks may not obviously correspond to the agreed final overall mark for the component (e.g. exam, essay);
  • if any comments have been written, their purpose will have been to assist the examiners in the marking process and not to provide a commentary on an individual's performance;
  • departments are only required to retain exam-related data for 1-month after the despatch of official transcripts.

When requesting exam marks and comments, tick the box b) in section 4 to ensure that is what is looked for.

Please note that not all departments require examiners to keep or make detailed comments about the examination scripts.  In some departments, only final marks are available. Please note also that scripts are exempt from release and it is the School's policy not to release them.

Examination scripts are kept for a year after the exam results are posted.

Requesting information relating to grievances

Information relating to grievances that you are involved in can be requested, but you will only receive the parts of the information that relate to you. If a word, sentence, paragraph or document relates to another person, this will be removed from the material before it is given to you.

If you have a complaint about the way your request is handled

If you have a complaint about the way you request has been handled, you can contact Kevin Haynes, Head of Legal and Compliance and ask for a review. This is not required under the Data Protection Act, but it is something the School offers.

You can also contact the information commissioner's office directly. The Information Commissioner oversees compliance with the Data Protection Act and will investigate your complaint.