Newspaper Licensing Agency

The Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) offers rights to photocopy/fax and digitally copy and transmit cuttings for internal use – even specialised rights to distribute externally – all under one licence.

The NLA was established in 1996 to act as a one-stop shop for a licence to copy, fax and distribute articles from the UK’s national newspapers, and many regional and foreign titles, too.  Prior to 1996, photocopying of newspaper articles was only legal if permission was sought each time from the individual copyright owner. 

Since the establishment of the NLA, however, universities can purchase a ‘blanket’ license which authorises members of their staff to legally photocopy from a predetermined list of newspapers.  The licence fee varies according to a university’s size, wealth and the number of newspapers from which it copies articles.

The School is licensed to copy from the following newspapers:

  • Daily Express
  • Daily Telegraph
  • Independent
  • News of the World (not available for digital copying)
  • Sunday Mirror
  • The Times (not available for digital copying)
  • Daily Mail
  • Evening Standard
  • Independent on Sunday
  • The Observer
  • Sunday People
  • Daily Star
  • Financial Times
  • Mail on Sunday
  • The Sun (not available for digital copying)
  • Sunday Telegraph
  • Daily Star Sunday
  • The Guardian
  • The Mirror
  • Sunday Express
  • Sunday Times (not available for digital copying)
  • The Business
  • The European

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