HMSO 'Click-Use' Licence

Since the summer of 2001, the rules have changed regarding the exchange of UK government information. In essence, most but not all government data can now be passed between organisations and published in any medium without incurring royalty payments. Under Freedom of Information legislation, the School has taken out a five year Click-Use Licence with HMSO, reference number P2007000294. The LSE contact person is Jane Pugh, (6866,|).

Any LSE academic or student wishing to copy or publish data from an official UK government source must quote this number, ensure that the source is quoted and the copyright is acknowledged as in this example:

Source: National Statistics website,|

Crown copyright material is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Queen’s Printer for Scotland.

There are no special arrangements for making use of the Click-Use licence and no central records are kept of copies made under it. The licence allows you to copy or publish the material, electronically or on paper, translate it or convert it to Braille.

Before re-using any material under this licence please ensure your item does not fall into any of the following categories as these are not covered by the licence and an application to copy would have to be made to HMSO: 

  • ordnance survey maps
  • computer programs
  • software
  • personal information about named individuals
  • value added products or services developed by the government
  • materials from departments with trading fund status
  • material covered by security classification
  • material containing personal information about named individuals
  • photographs and films
  • material where re-use must be approved by a department
  • material where copyright is not held solely by the Crown, i.e. copyright jointly held with another person or organisation

When re-using any materials under this licence please note on the copies and any paperwork, eg Reprographics form:

HMSO Click-Use Licence Ref C02W0000271