CLA Copyright Licence

The School pays annual fees to the CLA in exchange for a licence that allows staff and students to copy extracts from most books, journals, magazines and periodicals.  The School's licence holder is Jane Pugh (020 7955 6866

The main conditions of the licence are that any copies made must not exceed (either singly or in aggregate) over five per cent of any published edition, or:

  • in the case of a book, one complete chapter;
  • in the case of an article in an issue of a serial publication or in a set of conference proceedings, one whole article;
  • in the case of an anthology of short stories or poems, one short story or a poem not exceeding ten pages in length;
  • in the case of a published report of judicial proceedings, the entire report of a case.

A list of excluded works for which copying permission must be obtained directly from publishers is available from the CLA website. Further information can be found be clicking

Please note: the licence covers photocopying and scanning for teaching purposes, but in order to comply with the reporting requirements all scanned readings must be prepared by the Library as part of the Electronic course pack services. Photocopies can however be prepared within a department provided they fall under the License.