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LSE Pro-Director, Prof. Dilly Fung, Shanghai, 14 August 2019

LSE Alumni in Shanghai are invited to attend the next talk in the LSE China Lecture Series, on the evening of 14 August in Shanghai.

Prof. Dilly Fung, Pro-Director for Education at LSE and Professor-of-Practice in the School of Public Policy at LSE will speak on

Education for Global Impact: A new Era for LSE

Event Details

Date and Time: 14 August 2019, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Venue - Students' Square, 1st Floor, Guanghua Towers, Fudan University, 上海市邯郸路220号 复旦大学,光华楼一楼学生广场。

Format - The final details on the event will be confirmed shortly, the talk is scheduled to start at around 6:30pm. 

Attendance - All LSE alumni and friends are invited to attend the talk. Registration is required in advance. 

About the Speaker

Professor Dilly Fung became LSE Pro-Director (Vice President) for Education in July 2018. In this role she oversees student education across the School. Her aim is to develop an inclusive, outward-looking scholarly community in which every student is inspired by and contributes to LSE’s research-rich intellectual culture. She is also Professor in Practice at the LSE School of Public Policy.

Drawing on her interdisciplinary roots in English, Politics and Philosophy of Education and on her long teaching career, Dilly’s academic work analyses connections between research, learning, student agency, policy (including rewarding educators in higher education) and leadership. In her previous role as Professor of Higher Education Development at UCL, she introduced a new focus on building more imaginative synergies between research and student education, both within and across university departments, which was adopted as institutional strategy.

Dilly’s recent open access monograph, A Connected Curriculum for Higher Education, explores the unity of research and teaching in theory and in practice. Connected Curriculum has become well known nationally and internationally, influencing policy and practice in many countries. She speaks regularly about these themes in the UK and internationally.