LSE China Lecture Series 2012

Prof. Luc Bovens, Head of the Dept. of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, LSE, Beijing, 28 October 2012

MP3 Sound Feed and PDF slides

Prof. Luc Bovens, International Climate Change Negotiations: Morality Tale or Bargaining for Mutual Advantage?, LSE China Lecture Series. Sound Recording (MP3) Lecture Slides (PDF)

Prof. Christopher Coker, Professor in the Dept. of International Relations, LSE - Beijing, 14 September 2012

MP3 Sound Feed

Prof. Christopher Coker, Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Why the West Needs to Speak with the Non-Western World, LSE China Lecture Series. MP3 recording

Dr. Jan Kleinheisterkamp, Lecturer in the Dept. of Law, LSE, Beijing, 4 June 2012

MP3 Sound Feed

Dr. Jan Kleinheisterkamp, China, Globalisation and the Law - The Transnational Challenge, LSE China Lecture Series, MP3 Recording

Prof. James Putzel, Professor in the Dept. of International Development, LSE - Beijing, 15 May 2012

PDF Slides

Prof. James Putzel, China's Role in Africa: New Dependency or FDI Bonanza?, LSE China Alumni Lecture Series. PDF slides of lecture

Dr. Meng Bingchun, Lecturer in the Dept. of Media and Communications, LSE - Shanghai, 28 March 2012

PDF Slides

Dr. Meng Bingchun, Global Media Industries: Media Convergence and Participatory Communication, LSE China Alumni Lecture Series. PDF Slides of lecture.

Dr. Edgar Whitley, Reader in Information Systems, Dept. of Management, LSE - Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, December 2011-January 2012

PDF Slides

Dr. Edgar Whitley, Using Cloud Computing to Drive Innovation: Technological Opportunities and Management Challenges,  LSE China Alumni Lecture Series.  PDF Slides of lecture.





 Luc Bovens speaks in Beijing, 29 October 2012


  Prof. James Putzel, Beijing, May 2012 - LSE China Alumni Lecture Series


  Edgar Whitley Beijing 6 January 2012