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Keynote Speech/主题演讲 - Wang Hangsheng/王汉生

Professor Wang Hansheng is now head of Department of Business Statistics and Econometrics in Guanghua School of Management, Peking university. He graduated in1998 from department of mathematics, Peking university and received bachelor degree in statistics. In 2001, he achieved his Ph.D in statistics from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Now he is member of International Statistical Institute, American Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Royal Statistical Society and International Chinese Statistical Association.
He has published more than fifty English papers and near twenty Chinese papers so far. He has a monograph in consociation with others and individually accomplished a Chinese textbook. He has played the role of associate professor of many academic journals which include: The Annals of Statistics, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, Statistics and its Interface and Journal of the American Statistical Association. His research interest focuses on Ultra-high dimensional data analysis, Regression shrinkage and selection, Sufficient dimension reduction as well as Nonparametric and semi-parametric models. He once published Sample size calculation in clinical research and Applied Business Statistical Analysis.

王汉生教授现任北京大学光华管理学院商务统计与经济计量系系主任。1998年北京大学数学科学学院,概率统计系,统计学本科,2001年美国威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校,统计学博士。现为国际统计协会会员(International Statistical Institute),美国统计学会(American Statistical Association),美国数理统计研究员(Institute of Mathematical Statistics),英国皇家统计协会(Royal Statistical Society),以及泛华统计学会(International Chinese Statistical Association)会员。

他发表英文学术论文五十余篇,中文论文近二十篇。合著英文专著1本,独立完成中文教材2本。先后担任多个学术刊物副主编(Associate Editor)。这些刊物包括:The Annals of Statistics (2008—2009),Computational Statistics & Data Analysis (2008—2011), Statistics and its Interface (2010至今),Journal of the American Statistical Association (2011至今), 以及Statistica Sinica (2011至今)。现主要理论研究兴趣为:高维数据分析、变量选择、数据降维、极值理论、以及半参数模型。主要应用研究兴趣为:搜索引擎营销、社会关系网络。