Regional Development


Regional Development Strategy in China


Spring Semester

Type of Course




Aims and Objectives

The course aims to provide an overview of regional development and strategies in China.

Course Contents

It is composed of four main parts. First, we will put China in a regional comparative perspective to assess where China was and where China is now. Secondly, we will review the history of urban and regional development prior to 1979. The purpose is to highlight the background against which China subsequently started to negotiate itself from plan to market. Thirdly, we will examine China’s regional process of economic reforms and opening up, with an analytical focus of spatial economy on development strategies in comparison with other transitional economies. In the last part, we will further contextualize China’s reform process and development strategies by looking at the vast regional variations within China. The seminar incorporates some mathematics.

Course Requirement

The seminar will meet for three hours per week. It is essential that students complete all the required reading assignments and homework for each week, and it is strongly advised that they also read the recommended readings. Each student will be responsible for leading the discussion of an item on the required reading list every two or three weeks.

Course Evaluation

Participation will be graded on the basis of attendance and active participation in seminar discussions. In assessing participation, quality of contributions will matter as much as quantity.