Dr. Brendan Smith, LSE Chief Representative to East Asia - 

LSE and East Asia

LSE has been engaged with the East Asia region since its foundation. LSE Founders Sidney and Beatrice Webb, visited Japan and China from 1911-12. LSE Director and Nobel Laureate, George Bernard Shaw, visited China again in the early 1930s. LSE has educated students from the East Asia region who have returned to shape the future destiny of their home country.

There are, currently, over 3000 students from the East Asia region studying at LSE. There are approximately 18,000 LSE alumni in the region.

There are over 60 academics at LSE engaged on research, across the disciplines, on the East Asia region. In 2014 the School created the Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre within the Institute of Global Affairs at LSE.

Within the region itself LSE has a range of partnerships and programmes, including a Summer School in Beijing; double and dual-degrees at the Masters level and PhD exchange programmes in China, Japan and Singapore.

Through this website visitors can learn more about LSE in East Asia.

Upcoming Events

13 August 2019 - Beijing - Registration open for 2019 LSE China Conference

12 August 2019 onwards - Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong  - LSE China Careers Fairs. Details to follow. 

Past Events and News

26 May 2019 - Shanghai - Prof. Jin Keyu spoke on China and the World, and Prof. Timothy Hildebrandt on social policy in UK and China. Registration now open for alumni.

25 April 2019 - Beijing  - Prof. Naufel Vilcassim spoke on his latest research on Strategy, Innovation and Marketing, with a case study from Uganda. 

7 March 2019 - Beijing - Professor Mary Kaldor spoke on LSE China Lecture Series on Global Security Cultures

8 January 2019 - Shanghai - Third  LSE-Fudan Lecture on The Political Economy of China-Latin America Relations: The AIIB Membership

November 2018 - East Asia - LSE Director holds alumni and friends events in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.

25 August 2018 - Kuala Lumpur - The Status of Institutional Reforms After 100 Days, LSE alumni and friends gathered to assess the first 100 days of the new Malaysian government.  

14 August 2018 - Beijing - Over 350 Alumni and Friends of LSE attended the 8th annual LSE China Conference, titled Harnessing Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges.

28 March 2018 - Beijing  - LSE and Tsinghua academics complete report on A Financial Regulatory Regine Reform Template to Ensure Financial Stability for the Chinese Economy. Full details to follow.

26 March 2018 - Beijing -  Lord Prof. Nicholas Stern, Department of Economics, LSE spoke on the 2018 LSE China Lecture Series. Lecture slides now available


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