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Medical and childcare provision

Medical and childcare provision

The health and wellbeing of all LSE students and staff is of paramount importance to the School, and so the following services are offered to the LSE community during their time at the School. 

St Philips Medical Centre

Location: Tower 3 (TW3), 2nd floor
Contact:  020 7611 5131
Email:  spmc@nhs.net
Website: stphilipsmedicalcentre.co.uk 

The St Philips Medical Centre is an NHS general practice staffed by doctors and nurses who provide primary medical and nursing care to registered patients and anyone who becomes ill or requires medical advice whilst within the LSE campus.  The Medical Centre also provides a number of services run by visiting specialists and health practitioners.

Sardinia House Dental Practice

Location: Sardinia House (SAR), 4th floor
Contact: 020 7404 8600
Email: info@sardiniadental.com 
Website: sardiniadentail.com

An independent dental practice operates in Sardinia House 4th floor, offering preferential rates to LSE staff and students.

LSE Day Nursery

Location: 8a Wild Street, London, WC2B 5TB
Contact: 020 7107 5966
Email: nursery@lse.ac.uk
Website: LSE Nursery

The LSE Day Nursery is a 63 place nursery that offers full childcare provision to children of staff and students at the School and, as space allows, parents living or working nearby not connected with LSE. The nursery was rated Good by OFSTED in June 2016.  It provides care for children 0–5 years old and is open from 8.45am to 6.15pm. 

For more information on the services offered please see the Nursery web pages.

Advice for pregnant students or those with children

If you become pregnant or if you adopt a child while you are a student at the School you may need to seek advice about your own health, the health of your child, the management of your programme of study and any benefits and services available to you. To find out more about the services provided visit the student services web pages. 

Much of this guidance is also relevant to students with children and students whose partners are pregnant.

Expectant and new mothers room

We have a room on the first floor of Tower 3, 1.02C (access via Tower 2) where expectant mothers can rest, and new mothers who return to work when they are still breast-feeding can express and store milk. This facility is available for both staff and students to use (PDF).

Report to Tower 1 / 2 reception for access or contact lse.towers.reception@lse.ac.uk 
Please note: baby change faciilties can be found in Old Building, OLD G.26 and OLD 5.10.

LSE Treatment Clinic

Location: 1st floor, Tower 2, Clements Inn, London WC2A 2AZ
Acupuncture & Reflexology - Hanya Chlala - 07789322821
Acupuncture - Tracey Lehane -  07885772503
Sports Massage and Injury Rehabilitation - Laura Dent - 07946750265
Osteopathy - Tim Hanwell - 07880701017
Osteopath - Tyler Hands -  07949208718

Open Monday to Friday for LSE staff and students. 

To find out more about the services provided visit the LSE Treatment Clinic website or to contact the clinic in general please email enquiries@lsetreatmentclinic.co.uk