General information

Photographs of the LSE campus

The aim of this section is to provide important information regarding campus opening times, access to buildings, fire and evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency, and booking rooms and facilities. If you have a query about campus facilities at any time, the main reception in the Old Building is always open to provide assistance.

The following buildings have staffed receptions between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday: 32:, NAB, SAW, TW1/2 & 3.

The LSE campus is a very busy and vibrant environment. We hope that you can enjoy it
while respecting other people and their right to enjoy the campus without disturbance
or unseemly behaviour. In this spirit we ask that you observe the School policies and
procedures that are in place.

Campus opening times

Monday – Friday: 8am – 9.30pm. After 6.30pm a LSE swipe card is required for access.
Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 5pm. Access to campus buildings is by LSE swipe card or via main reception in the Old Building.
Campus access at weekends is primarily for staff only, although access is available for students to buildings where services – such as sports facilities – operate during weekends.

During holiday periods access arrangements may vary. For more information please see the security web page.

Photograph of Houghton StreetLibrary opening times

Michaelmas term: 8am – midnight
Lent term, Easter vacation and Summer term: 24-hour opening

Please note: Library opening times can vary during the vacation and exam periods. Please see the Library website for the latest information.

Signage and wayfinding

LSE_Signage_0101The codes for LSE campus buildings are listed below for your reference.


Building codes

Building  Short code 
95 Aldwych 95A
Aldwych House  ALD 
Clement House  CLM 
Colombia House  COL 
Connaught House  CON 
Cowdray House  COW 
King's Chambers  KGS 
1 Kingsway 1KW
20 Kingsway  KSW 
The Lakatos Building LAK
32 Lincoln's Inn Fields 32L
44 Lincoln's Inn Fields 44L
50 Lincoln's Inn Fields 50L
Lincolns Chambers LCH
Lionel Robbins Building LRB 
New Academic Building  NAB
Old Building  OLD 
Parish Hall  PAR
Peacock Theatre  PEA
1 Portsmouth Street  POR
Queens House QUE
Sardinia House  SAR
Saw Swee Hock Student Centre SAW
Sheffield Street  SHF
St Clements  STC
Tower 1, Clement's Inn  TW1 
Tower 2, Clement's Inn  TW2 
Tower 3, Clement's Inn  TW3 

Room numbering

Room numbers when shown on timetables or in publications indicate the building, the floor and the room.  When on a door sign within a building only the floor and room are shown.  Basement floors begin with B, ground with G, first with 1 and so on.  Room numbers start with .01 and run sequentially through the floor, so first floor rooms would run 1.01, 1.02, 1.03.

Reporting faults and defects on campus

The Help Desk is the link between LSE customers (staff, students and visitors) and the Estates Team. Our aim is to work together to ensure that faults are attended to promptly, in order to do this we need to know about them.

If you see a fault or defect with any facility on campus please report it:

  • via Departmental Manager /departmental administrator
  • by contacting Help Desk directly
  • by reporting an out-of-hours fault via Security
  • reporting to any member of Estates staff 


Ambient Room Temperature

LSE heating is turned off in the spring (April) and turned back on in the autumn (October), depending on the weather and temperature.  

In the winter rooms are heated to 20oC degrees (+/- 1oC) and in the summer rooms are cooled, where the facilities exist, to 24oC degrees (+/- 1oC).  

Where installed, the cooling systems provide ‘comfort cooling’ rather than air conditioning and do not regulate humidity. We cannot accommodate personal preferences that fall outside the above legal parameters.

If you have specific, health-related temperature requirements, in the first instance please contact your line manager who then, if necessary, can make the appropriate referral to the School's Occupational Health service via the relevant HR Partner.

We do not provide additional electrical heaters and cooling equipment as a matter of routine as they overloads circuits and affect the Building Management System (BMS) sensors causing electrical faults.

For information and assistance please contact LSE Estates Helpdesk .

Clock policy

Clocks are provided by Estates and in teaching rooms and communal areas they are updated twice a year in line with the summer and winter time changes.  If you need help with altering a clock in an office please log a request with Estates Help Desk.

For information on campus buildings cleaning frequency, Portering, Postroom, Reprographics, Security and other useful services please visit the Facilities Guide Useful links

Facilities Management soft services 

  • Campus cleaning
  • Feminine hygiene and roller towels
  • Pest control
  • Plants and flowers
  • Window blinds (cleaning and maintenance)
  • Window cleaning

Find more information about the above services (building specific schedules, servicing frequency etc.)