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Waste and recycling

Photographs of sustainable initiatives around the LSE campus

Zero Waste’ at LSE

The School has a ‘Zero Waste’ strategy: Zero per cent of LSE waste goes to landfill. The School achieves this by working together with students, staff, visitors and contractors, to follow the ‘waste hierarchy’ – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.



Everyone is responsible for separating their own waste into the correct bin. Individual desk bins are not collected by the cleaners. 

Bin clusters are located around campus, in shared areas in halls of residence, and kitchen areas in offices. See below:


For more information on waste and recycling at LSE, visit|.
To report any issues with waste collection, please contact the Facilities Helpdesk on ext 2444, or complete a service request form|


If you have reusable items that you no longer want, you can drop them off at collection points around campus instead of disposing of them.

Take reusable books, stationery, clothes and shoes to the Students' Union reception.

Request reusable internal envelopes from the Postroom|


Additional or replacement furniture can be requested by staff members only.  To place a request, contact the Help Desk or use the Furniture Request Form|.  
Contact the Facilities Helpdesk (ext 2444) to arrange collection of unwanted office furniture. 

Halls of Residence
All eight LSE-managed halls of residences have collection points for unwanted reusable items, known as ‘Relove’ points.|
'Reloved’ items are either donated to charity, or sold at low cost to students moving into LSE halls in the next academic year.

Accepted items: 
Clothes, shoes and bedding
Books and stationery
Kitchen equipment
Toiletries and cleaning products
Non-perishable food (unopened)

Prevents unnecessary waste.
Help students buy low-cost items when moving into halls.
Helps charities working with vulnerable groups in London and around the world.
Funds raised go towards environmental projects on campus.

To find out more about reuse in residences, visit:|

Special Waste Streams

The following items cannot be disposed of in the normal waste bins around campus. They must instead be taken to special collection points around campus, (locations indicated on the map).

Confidential waste
Contact LSE Porters| for blue hessian sacks with security tags.
When they are two-thirds full, contact the Porters| to arrange for their collection. 

Electronic and electrical items
Any waste with a battery or plug:

Students should take items to either:

  • The Students’ Union reception
  • Halls of residence receptions

Staff must dispose of LSE IT equipment by contacting IMT.

Staff can contact the Porters| to arrange collection of other electrical and electronic items. 

It is unlawful to send Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (also known as ‘WEEE’) to landfill, to prevent toxic materials seeping into the land. 

The School uses a company that reuses and recycles these items and their component parts, so nothing is wasted.

To report any issues with waste collection, please contact the Facilities Helpdesk on ext 2444, or complete a Service Request Form.


Collection Points


  • SU reception and SU Shop, East Building
  • Security desk and SU Shop, New Academic Building  
  • Main reception, Old Building  
  • Estates Division reception, Tower 1  
  • Security desk, Tower Three  
  • Security desk, St-Clements 
  • Lobby, Library 
  • Receptions, LSE halls of residence

Mobile phones

  • SU reception and SU Shop
  • Lobby, Library
  • Receptions, LSE halls of residence

Toner and ink jet cartridges

  • SU reception, East Building
  • Lobby, Library
  • Receptions, LSE halls of residence
  • Staff can request ink and toner cartridges be collected by the Porters.

Toner and laserjet cartridges

  • LSE Reprographics Unit, Old Building room OLD G.28

CDs & DVDs

  • SU reception, East Building
  • Lobby, Library
  • Receptions, LSE halls of residence
  • Staff can contact IMT to dispose of confidential media storage devices (CDs and DVDs, USBs, video and audio tapes, etc.)


  • SU reception, East Building
  • Lobby, Library
  • Receptions, LSE halls of residence
  • Post room, Kings Chambers - KGS G.03
  • Staff can use internal mail to send stamps to the Post room, Kings Chambers - KGS G.03
Get involved in Sustainable LSE

We are looking for staff and students who want to gain practical experience in sustainability and in doing so assist the School to improve its environmental performance.

Get involved with:

  • Roof gardening.
  • Beekeeping
  • Green Impact, a scheme to help staff take practical action to green up their offices
  • Visit the LSE Sustainability webpages to find out more. 
  • Join the debate at our blog:
  • Follow on Twitter: @SustainableLSE
  • Find us on Facebook: Sustainability at LSE

Campus map indicating recycling points