Waste and recycling

Photographs of sustainable initiatives around the LSE campus

The School has a ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ policy:   This is achieved by working together to follow the ‘waste hierarchy’ – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.



Everyone is responsible for separating their own waste into the correct bin. Individual desk bins will not be emptied by the cleaners. 

Bin clusters are located around campus, in shared areas in halls of residence, and kitchen areas in offices. See below:

Bins 2016

If in doubt, put it in the mixed recycling.

For more information on waste and recycling at LSE, visit  the LSE Sustainability webpages. To report any issues with waste collection, please contact the Facilities Helpdesk on ext 2444, or complete a service request form


If you have reusable items that you no longer want, please contact the Sustainability team to arrange for the items to be picked up and reused across campus.  Personal items for reuse should be taken to charities of your choice and not disposed of on campus, with the exception of textiles and shoes.

Donate your unwanted clothing and shoes to charity by using the textile bin in the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre (1st floor).

LSE runs a charity book donation scheme.  To give books please arrange collection by contacting LSE Porters, email estates.porters@lse.ac.uk  

Halls of Residence

All LSE-managed halls of residence have collection points for unwanted reusable items, known as ‘Relove’ points.
'Reloved’ items are either donated to charity.

Accepted items: 

Clothes, shoes and bedding (not duvets)
Books and stationery
Kitchen equipment (cutlery accepted but no sharps)
Toiletries and cleaning products

To find out more about reuse in residences, visit lse.ac.uk/reuseguide

Get involved in Sustainable LSE

We are looking for students who want to gain practical experience in sustainability and in doing so assist the School to improve its environmental performance.

Get involved with:

  • Roof gardening (Shaw Library roof terrace)
  • Beekeeping
  • Green Impact, a scheme to help staff take practical action to green up their offices
  • Propose changes or new sustainable projects for the Team to consider
  • Visit the LSE Sustainability webpages to find out more. 
  • Follow us on Twitter: @SustainableLSE
  • Find us on Facebook: Sustainabie LSE


Special Waste Collection Points

Batteries / Mobile phones

  • Reception, SAW Student Centre
  • Security desk, New Academic Building  
  • Main reception, Old Building  
  • Estates Division reception, 1 Kingsway  
  • Security desk, Tower Three  
  • 8th floor, Connaught House
  • 3rd floor, New Academic Building
  • Ground floor desk, Library
  • Reception, 32 Lincoln's Inn Fields
  • Receptions, LSE halls of residence

Toners and cartridges


  • Reception, SAW
  • Lobby, Library
  • Receptions, LSE halls of residence


  • Reception, SAW
  • Receptions, LSE halls of residence
  • Post room, OLD G.23
Campus map indicating recycling points

Waste map 2016