Keeping safe on campus

Photographs of the LSE campus

The aim of this section is to provide important safety information.  

The main School reception in the Old Building is staffed 24 hours per day


Students should report all accidents, incidents or near misses on campus to Security or the administrators in their Departments.  Staff must report all accidents, incidents or near misses on campus to their departmental Health and Safety Coordinator, Departmental Manager or line manager.  If you require an ambulance, call Security on 666 (from internal phone) or 020 7955 6555. More information on accident and incident reporting can be found on the Health and safety web pages:

Bike safety

  • LSE provides FREE secure bike storage in the basement of the Towers and New Academic Building;
  • Access to the stores is with use of Staff or Student swipe card only;
  • Avoid using the cycle racks on the streets throughout the campus; they are regularly targeted by thieves;
  • Take a note of your bike's serial number (usually found on the underside of your bike frame);
  • Use two types of locks. Use a gold rated “Soldsecure” endorsed padlock & chain or “D” lock.

Business continuity

If there is any incident or circumstances that affect the normal working of the School – which could be anything from bad weather and transport disruption to power cuts or a major fire or bomb – the School will activate procedures to ensure that staff and students are advised of the situation and what they should do as quickly as possible. A range of means of communication will be used including messages on the LSE website, text messages, 'pop-up' messages on the LSE network, mass e-mails, plasma screen messages, notice boards and loud hailer messages. The first priority will always be to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone on the site. The second priority will be to implement a phased return to normal working as soon as possible.

Cash machines (ATMs)

  • When on Campus use the cash machines situated inside the NatWest bank on the corner of Houghton Street and Aldwych or Santander in Kings Chambers, Portugal Street.

 A little help from your friends

  • Stay with friends: especially when walking at night or stopping to get money from a cash machine.
  • Distraction thefts are common at London cashpoints.  If anyone approaches you when you are using a cash machine do not be distracted; immediately cancel your transaction, remove your card and walkaway - notify campus Security or Police.

Fire procedures

On hearing the fire alarm signal, all persons must leave the building they are in promptly and make their way to the appropriate assembly point for that building (pdf). Note: in the Towers, NAB and SAW there is an additional signal for occupants to prepare to evacuate.

If you hear this signal, you should wait for the full alarm before leaving. People should not attempt to re-enter the building until they have been directed by a member of Security staff that it is safe to do so.. For more information please see the Health and safety web pages

Anyone who has a disability or medical condition (whether temporary or permanent) that could affect their ability to respond to a fire alarm and leave a building using staircases should contact the Health and Safety Team so that a personal emergency evacuation plan can be developed for them.

Fire alarm testing schedule

To find out when to expect the fire alarm testing (PDF) in your building please check the schedule.


A list of first-aiders on campus can be found on the Health and safety web pages. If you need first-aid contact the nearest first-aider on this list or Security at the main reception of the Old Building. In an emergency Security should be contacted by using an internal telephone and dialling 666 (020 7955 6555 from an external phone or mobile), and they will then call an ambulance. If you call the emergency services directly by dialling 999 or 112 to summon an ambulance, you must let Security know so that they can direct the ambulance crew to the correct location.

There are 6 defibrillators on campus located at the receptions in OLD, NAB, TW1, 32L, LRB and SAW (SU Gym) 

Keys / Locks

To request a key or lock repair, reprogramming or replacement please contact the Departmental Manager who will log a request with Estates Help Desk on your behalf.

Laptop safety

  • If you are going out for a drink, don’t take your Laptop with you. Use the Secure Laptop storage room OLD G.15. Access to the room and the Laptop Safes is by use of a Staff or Student swipe card.
  • LSE Security offers FREE – DNA Laptop Marking. This is a proven deterrent against any would-be thief. Details are held on a secure database.  Every year , thousands of items of property are recovered that cannot return them to their original owners because they have no identifiable marks. DNA forensic marking allows your valuable and cherished property to be returned to you ONLY if you avail of the free marking facility we offer to you!
  • Use tracking software on your Laptop. There are free applications that you can download from Internet. We recommend:


LSE Library is safe working environment but you must look after your personal belongings when working there.
Never leave your belongings unattended, even for a short period of time


Do not use lifts if the fire alarm sounds, unless directed by Security.  Do not overload lifts.  Information on what to do if the lift breaks down is displayed in the lift.  Some buildings are served by platform lifts.

If you observe a fault with a lift please report it to Estates Help Desk.



A user friendly and fully access controlled locker room facility with 1000 locker units is situated in the basement of the Old Building, access by LSE Staff or Student ID card only . These are allocated on a first come, first served basis and are subject to Conditions of Use (PDF). Padlocks to secure the lockers can be purchased from the SU Shop in the East Building. Please do not  use inappropriate padlocks (lock hasp must be a minimum 6mm in diameter).

The School provides secure laptop lockers. These lockers are located in G.15 on the ground floor of Old Building. For directions please speak to the staff on duty at Old Building reception desk. There is no charge for the use of this facility and all you require to enter the room and operate the locker is a valid LSE campus (ID) card.

Library book lockers are available for LSE students to hire from the start of the 2015/16 academic session. Students are required to pay a £10 deposit for the locker hire, which is exchanged for the key at the end of the academic year. For general enquiries about book lockers please check the LSE Library website or email

Property lost and found

Lost and found property is handled by LSE Security and the first point of call is the Old Building reception. The Property Office is located in the basement of Old Building in room OLD B.23. For more information and opening times please see the Property lost and found web page.

Remember this is an open campus
The School is one of the few institutions in central London to maintain an open campus policy.  This means that throughout the day many School buildings are open.  This provides a free and collegiate atmosphere that many in the School enjoy.  We are keen that you enjoy this too, but always bear in mind that the School is a public place and cannot be treated as your home.  You would not leave your valuables unattended on a park bench and you should not leave them unattended in the Library, the Garrick or any other public area of the School.

Smoking policy

Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings on the Houghton street campus, all LSE halls of residence, including residents' rooms and any other building or facility managed by the School. The prohibition extends to building entrances, including doorways, steps and ramps and external fire escape stairways and escape routes.(Ashbins are positioned just outside the entrance to buildings, these are provided so that smokers can dispose of their cigarette materials before they enter the building, not for people to smoke at the entrances of buildings.)

On campus smoking is permitted on open roof terraces only where permanent seating is provided i.e. Old Building, St Clements Saw Swee Hock Student Centre and Clare Market buildings. Smokers using these roof terraces must not smoke within 1 metre of open windows or doors to prevent smoke permeating into smoke-free areas. Consideration must be given to other users of the roof terraces. Smokers must ensure that all smoking materials are extinguished and placed in the receptacles provided before re-entering the building. To view the full policy visit the Health and Safety webpages


If you are returning late to your residence, avoid lonely less well illuminated routes. Only ever use licensed black taxis, (displaying an illuminated ‘Taxi’ sign at the front) or pre-order a taxi (see Transport section).  Never be tempted to get into unauthorized 'taxi cabs' that may solicit for business you as you walk along the street. These vehicles and drivers are unlicensed and therefore illegal. Many serious sexual assaults have been committed against passengers by the drivers of these 'pirate' cabs.