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LSE Alumni Event, Shanghai April 2014

Recording of this lecture is now available|.

LSE Alumni are invited to the next talk in the LSE China Lecture Series, which will take place in Shanghai on 17 April 2014 from 7:30pm.

Prof Simona Iammarino, Head of the Department of Geography & Environment, LSE will deliver a talk titled:-

Multinational Enterprises, Innovation & Geography

This talk will address, as a starting point, the theoretical underpinning of the relationship between geography and Multinational Enterprises (MNEs). Over time, specific geography has become increasingly important for the growth of MNEs, and in turn MNEs have become progressively more significant for local and regional economic development. The pivot on which this relationship turns is the creation, diffusion and management of new knowledge (e.g. Iammarino & McCann, 2013).

Traditionally, the potential benefits accruing from the attraction of operations of foreign MNEs are mostly ascribed to knowledge externalities and market-mediated mechanisms boosting the innovative performance of local firms in the host economies. The increase of domestic productivity and/or innovativeness are in fact considered the main rationale behind development strategies based on MNEs attraction, both in emerging and advanced economies. Recent research has also suggested that favourable local economic pre-conditions are necessary to reap such potential benefits. However, the empirical evidence on the impact of MNEs on innovation capacity in the recipient regions remains (at best) inconclusive.

The lecture will report some fresh empirical results on these issues, highlighting in the conclusions a few challenges and research directions that need further and urgent thinking, as a requirement to achieve the design of more specific and effective guidance for development policy in different geographical contexts.

About the Speaker:-

Simona is Professor of Economic Geography at the Department of Geography & Environment of the London School of Economics and Political Science (UK). She joined the LSE in 2009 a Reader. She was previously Reader at the Science and Technology Policy Research (SPRU), University of Sussex (UK). She completed her PhD in International Economics in 1994, at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Previous positions include: lecturer at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”; researcher at the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT); Marie Curie Research Fellow and visiting lecturer at the University of Reading; post-doc fellow at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge; post-doc fellow at the Italian National Research Council.

She has published extensively in major refereed journals. She was one of the Editors of Regional Studies (2008-2013) and is currently in the Editorial Board of Environment and Planning C. Her book on Multinational Corporations and European Regional Systems of Innovation, Routledge (2003), co-authored by John Cantwell, is highly cited in the academic literature, and has attracted the interest of government agencies in the UK and elsewhere. Her work with Philip McCann on structure and evolution of industrial clusters has greatly contributed to the theory of the geography of innovation and it has been widely cited. This line of work is further developed in Simona’s new book, also co-authored with Philip McCann, Multinationals and Economic Geography. Location, Technology, and Innovation, Edward Elgar (2013).

Venue and Registration

Registration is required in advance to reserve your place|.

Venue - Diamond Room, Shanghai Zhongya Grand Mercure, 330 Meiyuan Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai. Details on venue in Chinese| and English. Refreshments will be served, courtesy of LSE, from 7:15pm.



  Simona Iammarino