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February 2014 - LSE Chongqing Alumni

LSE Alumni in the city of Chongqing, and neighbouring cities and areas, are invited to attend a social gathering on Saturday, 22 February 2014, between 15:00-18:00.

LSE alumni coordinator for Chongqing, Ms. Chen Zhen, is organising the event. The purpose of the meeting is for LSE alumni living and working in Chongqing to meet again and to reach out to new alumni in the city to join the network and stay in touch with LSE. The meeting is open to all LSE alumni.

The get-together will be held at Costa Coffee in Xintiandi, COSTA Coffee 重庆新天地Details on location available here|.

Ms. Chen Zhen can be contacted at zhen.chen9@gmail.com| and QQ:87074978

As we further build up LSE contacts in Chongqing registration is required, in advance, by completing this form|. A final confirmation email and organiser contacts will be sent to everyone who registers in advance.