Chengdu alumni event

LSE Alumni in the city of Chengdu, and neighbouring cities and areas, are invited to attend an informal social gathering on Sunday, 26 January 2014, from 8:00pm.

LSE alumni, Mr. Liu Yi (2008) and Ms. Hu Qi (2011) are organising the event. The purpose of the meeting is for LSE alumni living and working in Chengdu to meet and get to know each other, and then to discuss developing your LSE alumni network and future events. The meeting is open to all LSE alumni.

The get-together will be held at the following bar - 醉古巴

桐梓林南路4号欧城商铺附19-21号 Details on location available here|.

Ms. Hu Qi can be contacted on her WeiXin at nico521673

Registration is required, in advance, by completing this form|. A final confirmation email and organiser contacts will be sent to those who register in advance.