Alumni Gathering - Hangzhou

LSE Alumni in the city of Hangzhou, and neighbouring cities and areas, are invited to attend an informal social gathering on Saturday, 30 November 2013, from 3pm.

Ms. Fang Chencen, LSE alumnus from 2011 is organising the event. The purpose of the meeting is for LSE alumni living and working in Hangzhou, and neighbouring cities and areas, to meet and get to know each other, and then to discuss developing your LSE alumni network and future events. The meeting is open to all LSE alumni.

The coffee afternoon will be held at Starbucks at the Hangzhou Tower Shopping Centre, Building D, No.21 Wuling Square, Hangzhou. (In Chinese - 杭州大厦购物城D座1楼(近体育场路) Venue Map| (in Chinese) Time - 3pm.

Registration is required, in advance, by completing this form|.

Ms. Fang Chencen can be contacted on her QQ - 190931606. There is also an LSE Hangzhou QQ number that you can register on for future events - QQqun(QQ群)- 201149693