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LSE China alumni and friends

Since its foundation, LSE has developed a strong tradition in educating students from mainland China. There are over 4000 LSE alumni in China, and they can be found in key positions in government, foreign embassies, international and non-governmental organisations, and leading Chinese and multi-national companies.

One of LSE's most high profile alumnus in China is Mr. Yang Jiechi, State Councillor and former Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs. Mr. Yang is part of a highly successful group of Chinese students who came to LSE from the late mid-to-late 1970s. 

Chapters in China

There are currently active alumni chapters or networks in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, and Shenzhen. Alumni events are held in these cities on a regular basis. Since 2007, an Alumni Lecture Series has been held in both Beijing and Shanghai, from visiting LSE academics to China, and has since expanded to other cities in China. Details on past and future alumni events can be found on the LSE China webpage or LSE Advancement. 

Photos from past LSE China Alumni events, and other LSE China events, are available for viewing. (Photos from previous years are also available for viewing and downloading on the LSE China Flickr account)

For further details on alumni chapters, contact Alumni Coordinators below

All China - Mr. Brendan Smith (Head, LSE China Alumni Group) - b.p.smith1@lse.ac.uk

Beijing  - Mr. Liu Zeyuan - Liuzeyuan2009@gmail.com; Mr. Michael Healer - michael.healer@bluestar-amg.com; Mr. Lu Long - leolulong@hotmail.com; Ms. Aleksandra Mineeva - mineevasasha@mail.ru; Ms. Karine Gao -karinegao798@163.com

Beijing Alumni Chapter Group email and social media contacts lsealumnigroup.bj@gmail.com and WEIXIN - affanty; QQ - 142646019

Shanghai - Ms. Yina Qiu - qiu_yina@hotmail.com; Ms. Wang Jinqian - jinqian.w@gmail.com; Mr. Konrad jedlecki - konradchina@hotmail.com; Ms. Shania Shen - shania@alumni.lse.ac.uk

Shanghai Alumni Chapter Group email - lsealumnishanghai@gmail.com and WEIXIN -WC2A2AE

Hangzhou - Mr. Wang Zhongjie - zhongjie.wang.lse@aliyun.com and WEIXIN - LSECapital

Guangzhou - Ms. Zhini Iris Xiairisxia@yahoo.com and WEIXIN - 21104305

Shenzhen - Mr. Liu Husheng - husheng.liu@gmail.com; Ms Wang Xinting - xintingwang@hotmail.com; Ms. Yi Li  - 306812523@qq.com WEIXIN - 277621377

Chongqing - Ms. Chen Zhen - zhen.chen9@gmail.com and QQ:87074978

Chengdu - Mr. Liu Yu and Ms. Hu Qi - nico-qi@hotmail.com and WEIXIN - nico521673

Nanjing - Ms. Xu Chen - jiyuniu@hotmail.com and QQqun ((QQ群) - 247377247

If you would like to develop an alumni chapter in your city in China, please contact Brendan Smith (above).


All alumni in China, and any alumni planning to move to China, are encouraged to register their details with LSE. There are 2 approaches, both of which are recommended

  1. Register you details, and keep them up to date by clicking on My Details on LSE Advancement;
  2. Register on the local web-board in China, for frequent updates on events and job opportunities in China. Members can also post messages as well. There are currently over 1000 members using this web-board. To register click here.

Alumni Events in China

All alumni in China are welcome to organise alumni events in China. Details on an alumni event can be posted on the alumni web-board in China or sent to Brendan Smith for circulation to the alumni group. LSE will not be responsible for the organisation of these events, rather it will be the individual alumni.

Details on formal LSE organised alumni events e.g. the LSE China Alumni lecture series will be posted on the LSE China homepage and circulated to all alumni on the web-board in China and to those who have registered their country address as China on LSE Advancement.