Research and China

LSE academics are actively researching on a diverse array of topics on China. Some of the current China research from LSE academics is mentioned below.

A full and detailed outline of the research specialties and work of all LSE academics can be found at LSE Experts|. You can also view a comprehensive list of LSE academics working on China|.

A sample of current LSE research on China (Currently Updating, May 2014)

Arne Westad teaches Chinese history and international affairs at LSE. His most recent book is Restless Empire: China and the World since 1750. He is now working on a history of the transformation of China since the late 1960s. Profiles:- LSE Experts|; LSE Department of International History|; LSE IDEAS (Co-Director)|

quahDanny Quah's current research is on the shifting global economy. He studies the sustainability of the emergence of the East, led notably by China; and the place of the UK and other advanced Western economies as they adjust to changes in the world landscape of economic and political power. He is writing a book on the shifting global economy and the suitability of global hegemony as a vehicle for world policy-making - how emerging multi-tiered world patterns of power complicate global governance and leadership. Profiles:- LSE Experts|; LSE Department of Economics|; Personal Website|

Jude Howell's current research interests relate to first, civil society and governance in China, focussing on two strands thereof, namely, welfare provision through charitable and philanthropic activity and citizen protection through rights-seeking; second, the politics of poverty alleviation in China; and finally, and an emerging area of her work - Chinese aid. Profiles:- LSE Experts|; LSE Dept. of International Development|

alden|Chris Alden's current research focuses on China-Africa relations in general, as well as unpacking specific features (diplomacy, economic and security dimensions) and bilateral (South Africa, Mozambique) ties. Contextualising China-South Africa relations in light of BRICS and FOCAC are current/future areas of interest. Profiles:- LSE Experts| 


Kent-Deng|Kent Deng has been working on the role of the state in modern China (from 1800 onwards) and its impact on Chinese growth performance which is reflected by his 2011 book China’s Political Economy in Modern Times: Changes and Economic Consequences, 1800–2000. He currently works on the impact of the Japanese colonial rule in Taiwan and Manchuria before WWII. Profiles:- LSE Experts|; LSE Department of Economic History|


hans_steinmuller_100x133Hans Steinmuller works on the ethics of everyday life in rural China and has done long-term fieldwork in Hubei and Yunnan provinces. His current research deals with irony and cynicism in Chinese politics. Profiles:- LSE Experts|; LSE Department of Anthropology|.


MengBingchun Meng's research focus on communication governance, the political economy of media industries and mediated political participation. She is working on a book project about the politics of Chinese media, while continuing with her research on political discourses on the Chinese Internet. Profiles:- LSE Experts|; LSE Department of Media and Communications|