Chinese Language


Chinese Language


Fall Semester

Type of Course




Aims and Objectives

This beginning Chinese course is designed for foreign students who are learning academic courses at Peking University. The course aims to develop the students’ listening and speaking skills in daily life.

Course Structure

Combination of lectures and student practice; 4 class hours per week; two examinations in the middle and end of the term.

Textbook/Recommended Reading

Peking University Press: BOYA CHINESE-qibu1

Course Requirement

In order to be well prepared for the next day’s class, you should do the following:

l Read the assigned text, including the grammar notes for the comprehension.

l Re-read the text aloud with the help of MP3

l Learn the new vocabulary.

l Practice writing the new characters.

Keeping up with the work as it is assigned daily is an important key to success in this class. If you have problems keeping up with the pace of the class, be sure to discuss it immediately with your teacher.

There are two quizzes for this program.

Course Evaluation

You must prepare all the new words for each lesson.

Grading system

Dictation 10%

Attendance 10%

Homework 10%

Test [(1st test+2nd test)/2]       70%