Connecting to LSE printers from your own laptop

Please note: It is possible to print from your laptop without the need to install printer drivers, by using the Mobile Printing service. The service allows users to submit print jobs via a web browser when connected to the LSE network. Go to and log in using your LSE username and password to get started.

You can also print by emailing your documents to (via the LSE network or StudentCom)

To print directly from applications on your personally-owned laptop, you need to have the required preconfigured printer drivers installed, as follows:

Add a connection to PaperCut and download printer drivers

  1. Connect to the internet via eduroam or the wired network service in LSE Halls of residence

  2. Click the Windows Start button

  3. In the Search box, type Credential

  4. Click on Credential Manager in the list of found items

  5. Click Add a Windows Credential

  6. Enter the following and click OK:
    Internet or network address:
    User name: lse\yourLSEusername, e.g. lse\smithyjt
    Password: yourLSEpassword

    Note: If you store an invalid username and password (or change your password) this may cause your IT account to become locked out.

  7. Download the LSEPrinter installer to your desktop and double click the file to install the printer drivers to your computer.

    Note: If a warning message appears, click Yes or OK to continue and wait for the process to complete.


Install PaperCut client application (optional)

The client software is only required if you wish to have access to real-time feedback such as account balance and popup account selection.

Note: Student staff that have access to shared Papercut accounts for staff should install the software.

  1. Download the LSEpapercut installer to your desktop and double click the file

  2. Accept the default settings

  3. When prompted, log in to PaperCut with your LSE username and password


How to print

  1. Connect to the internet via eduroam or the wired network service in LSE Halls of residence

  2. Use the print command (e.g. File | Print) in the software you're using to send your document to LSEMobile-BW-MFD or LSEMobile-Colour-MFD

  3. Release the print job from a Canon device by tapping your ID card on the card reader

Paying for printing

There is a charge per A4 side for black and white as well as colour printing. To print on any of the student printers at LSE, you will need credit on your printing account. For more information, see Online Printing Payment.