Halls internet activation

All Residence study bedrooms, excluding those in urbannest and Intercollegiate Halls*, are connected to the LSE network.


To access websites and services you must first activate your internet connection for your desktop or laptop. 


Before you activate your internet connection, you must know your LSE username, password and email address. For information on how to obtain this information, please refer to the FAQ - How do I activate my IT account?


Activating your Internet Connection:

  • Your computer must be plugged into the network via an Ethernet cable, which can be purchased from the Student Union shop.
  • When you first open a web browser you will be asked to log in to register your machine. Access should be granted within a couple of minutes after registering.
  • Re-registration is required once per year, or if you have not connected for three months.
  • Please be aware of the residences network conditions of use (pdf).
  • In the interests of all network users, please visit the Protect your computer page and take steps to protect your computer before registering.
  • Routers, switches, wireless access points and hubs are not allowed, and you will not be able to register these.

If you require any further assistance please contact the IT helpdesk (0207 955 6728) or visit the IMT Walk In Centre on the Library first floor.


* urbannest and Intercollegiate Halls


  • King's Cross
  • Tower Bridge 
  • Westminster Bridge


  • College Hall
  • Connaught Hall
  • International Hall
  • Lillian Penson
  • Nutford House