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Before accessing your files from off-site, you must have connected to LSE resources

Accessing H: space

All registered users of the LSE network have access to file space on the network, which is referred to as your Home space or H: space. 


There are quotas that apply, see H: space - Manage Your Quota  guide for more information.

Accessing U: space

LSE Students and Staff are entitled to 50 MB personal web space to develop and publish a personal website for academic and related purposes. Once registered, web pages can be placed in your personal web space or U: space from LSE computers.

For information on registering, see How to register for Personal Web Space. Please be aware that files in your U: space are visible to other LSE users. For information and advice on creating web pages, see the Editorial and CMS Guides 

To access your U: space from a personally owned Windows computer you can use the H: space utility and select U: space from within the Options button.

If you prefer, you can access your U: space manually by following the instructions below.

Manual configuration

  • Windows Vista/7:
  1. Click Start (the Windows button in the lower left corner) and then click Computer
  2. Click Map network drive on the toolbar, or click Tools and select Map Network Drive... (press the ALT key on your keyboard to show the menus)
  3. In the Drive list, select an available drive letter (e.g. U)
  4. In the Folder box enter \\\webs\yourLSEusername (your LSE username)
  5. If you want to connect to the drive automatically every time you log on to your computer, ensure that Reconnect at logon is selected
  6. Click Finish
    You will be asked to log on
  7. Enter your username preceded by LSE\
    e.g LSE\surnameij
  8. Enter your password and click OK

Your U: space will be added as a network drive and should be visible in Computer (known as My Computer in previous versions of Windows)

  • Windows 2000/XP:
  1. From the Start menu, right click My Computer
  2. Select Map Network Drive
  3. Select a drive letter (e.g. U) from the drop down list
  4. Enter \\\webs\yourLSEusername (your LSE username)
  5. Click OK
  6. Log on as LSE\yourLSEusername with your LSE password when prompted.
  7. Click OK

Your U: space will be added as a network drive and should be visible in My Computer