Wi-Fi Guidance


LSE has a wireless network available for you to connect your own computer or mobile device to. Below is all of our available guidance on Wi-Fi.


eduroam is the recommended wireless network (wifi) in use at LSE which allows secure connectivity across campus including in major lecture theatres and public areas. For more information, see eduroam at LSE.

The exact method to connect will vary from device to device but you will need to:

  • Make sure you are at a place on campus which has wireless network availability
  • Enable wifi on your device. Scan for networks and choose eduroam
  • When prompted, enter the following information
    • Username: Your LSE email address e.g. j.bloggs@lse.ac.uk
    • Password: Your LSE network password

For more detailed guidance on connecting to eduroam, see below:

See also our Wireless Networks Online Guides and FAQs.

Wireless Guest Access at LSE

LSE has now introduced wireless for guests and visitors in association with 'The Cloud', also in use at many other locations across the UK. If you are on campus visiting for the day or attending a conference or event, you can connect your device to wireless. See more information and create an account at Join the Cloud.

Visitors from other participating instutions are encouraged to use eduroam. If you are having trouble connecting to eduroam, please contact your home institution for assistance.

The Cloud is only intended for guest and visitor access to wifi. Existing LSE staff and students are encouraged to use eduroam instead.

Wireless Maps
See the Wireless Maps for details of where you can expect to have good Wi-Fi connectivity on campus.

iRoam is the School's laptop loan service. During term-time, students and staff can borrow laptops in the LSE Library. The laptops automatically connect to LSE's wireless network. They also provide access to H: space, office software and the internet.

See also our Wireless Networks Online Guides and FAQs.