Personal purchases for staff and students

We wish to only make you aware that these agreements are available to LSE staff and students. Information Management and Technology is in no way recommending these products and services. If you experience any difficulties you should resolve these directly with the vendor.

If you are making a purchase using LSE funds please visit our IT purchases for LSE page.

Laptops and PCs

  • Dell (desktop PCs and, laptops)
    Contact Dell directly for a quote including your educational discount.
    Contact: John Malcolm on 0844 338 4248 or email
  • DTP Group (Hewlett Packard desktop PCs)
    Contact DTP directly for a quote including your educational discount.
    Contact: or call 0113 385 2698
  • Getech Student Store (laptops) 
    Also applies to LSE staff.
  • Computer Disposals Ltd (refurbuished desktop PCs and laptops)
    Contact:  Ian Henry on 01925 730033 or email
  • Apple
    LSE staff and students can save up to 15% on a Mac, get an extended three-year warranty and one-year of free AppleCare telephone support. 

IT peripherals

Webcams, external hard drives, scanners, mice, keyboards etc.