Frequently Asked Questions

How does Information Management and Technology determine what software to buy?

Policy on the central purchase of specialist software for the School

Information Management and Technology holds a budget for the purpose of purchasing software centrally for the School. Subject to appropriateness for use, software will be purchased centrally if it meets the following criterion: the software package must be used widely in the School and normally for teaching purposes, although software which is used only in research may be purchased from this budget if its use is widespread across departments.

It is sometimes the case that there is no clear market leader; indeed there are often two equal competitors on the market. When this is the case for an expensive piece of software (over £5,000 for a site license), and there are divided opinions amongst academic staff concerning which one to use, it is not normal practise to buy both packages. The following method should be used to decide which package to purchase for the School:

Academic staff who have a vested interest in the software (normally those who will be teaching using it) along with the IT Support Specialist from the cluster, will form a temporary project team to evaluate the software. The IT Support Specialist will be available to lead the project, liaise with suppliers and arrange for demonstrations of the software as required. Academic staff should evaluate the software to see how far it meets their requirements, and come to a consensus with colleagues on the most appropriate package for the School. The IT Support Specialist will then arrange purchasing and license agreements.

Can I buy software from LSE?

LSE has licences to sell some teaching software to LSE members.

This software can be bought at the IT Help Desk on the first floor of the Library. See Purchasing Software.

Can I buy Endnote?

Unfortunately, our licence for Endnote does not allow us to sell copies to students. If you have a laptop/PC that can access the LSE Remote Desktop you can access Endnote on there while off campus, however.

How can I pay for software at the IT Help Desk?

Accepted payment for software sales is by credit or debit card (American Express excluded) only.

Refunds, where required, can only be processed between 9:30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Is there somewhere I can buy PC hardware?

The Students' Union Shop (on Houghton Street) sells some PC hardware such as USB sticks, network cables and security locks.

You can also try one of the following nearby electronics stores:

How is Information Management and Technology equipment insured?

Information Management and Technology policy on insurance for thefts and other damage to IT equipment:

Information Management and Technology has a small thefts contingency budget which covers any thefts from public computer areas and classrooms.

The excess on the insurance premium (which is £2000) for any departmental equipment should be paid from the departmental budget.

All items bought from IT budgets must be secured and advice can be sought from cluster support teams on the methods available. All other items bought via Information Management and Technology should be secured. Any refusal to secure the items listed below will be referred to LSE House Security for advice. Laptops should be stored in a locked area/cabinet when they are not in use.

Items which must be secured:

  • System Units
  • Flatscreen monitors
  • Servers
  • Public area printers

Information Management and Technology will assist in claims by providing copies of paperwork for items bought and replaced via the IT Purchasing Service.

It is the department's responsibility to immediately report any thefts to LSE House Security and pass information to Information Management and Technology once an LSE crime number is allocated.

IT equipment claims for other reasons (e.g. any building work damage, water/flood damage) by departments supported by Information Management and Technology may also be reported to Information Management and Technology who are able to liaise on your behalf with the relevant LSE service providers on an individual case basis.