Screen Locking


We may all be accustomed to logging off and/or shutting down a computer if you are finished working, but few may lock their computers when leaving their desks for a shorter period.

As part of our ongoing commitment to safe, responsible computer use and data management, IMT is introducing a screen locking policy. A standard security measure in many higher education establishments and other organisations, the policy will help prevent unauthorised use of network accounts, increase privacy and offer greater protection for IT account holders.

Screen locking will be rolled out across the HR and Finance Divisions, open access computer rooms on campus and in the Library from 29th April.

What is screen locking?

If you are logged on to an LSE PC, after a certain period of inactivity your screen will automatically lock, preventing unauthorised access to your session. You will be required to enter your password in order to continue using the computer.

Why is this being introduced?

Screen locking is being introduced to minimise and prevent unauthorised use of your IT account.

If you leave your computer unlocked and step away from your desk, it is open for anyone to use. You could lose work; all of your files and email can be seen; if you have not logged out of any services or websites they could be accessed and the computer could also be used to carry out illegal activity.

All members of the LSE community have responsibilities around computer use and data management. There is currently no security technology in use which identifies when an unauthorised person is using someone else's login session. The LSE IT Conditions of Use| state that you are responsible for anything that happens under your login details. If somebody else uses the computer while you are logged in, you will be held accountable for any activity.

What are the benefits?

Screen locking will help ensure that nobody uses your network identity for malicious activity. It will also help prevent unauthorised access to your work, or any sensitive or confidential data that you handle.

Although we will always encourage responsible computer use and secure passwords, automatic screen locking will help to further promote good habits.

Who should I contact if I have further questions?

If you have any further questions or any problems regarding screen locking, please contact the IT Service Desk:| / 020 7107 5000