Leavers Checklist

This checklist is intended to be used by Line Managers.

Use the below series of checks to make sure all the right steps have been taken before a member of staff leaves LSE employment.

You should check any necessary access rights to data are sorted, ideally before they leave LSE.

Please remember that as a line manager, it is your responsibility to ensure all LSE resources and data are accounted for.

Download the Leavers Checklist [PDF]. Please retain a copy of the form for your own records.

Before Leaving

  1. Any resources accessed by non-standard methods (e.g. Finance System, HR system, CMS, ftp site etc) or non-standard accounts?
    • If so, what?
    • Has access been granted to other users?
    • Have the leavers' access rights been de-allocated?
  2. Is access by other users needed to the leaver's:
    • Email
    • H: space
    • Voicemail
    • Other shared drives
    • Physical locations
  3. Has consent for access to these resources been granted in writing by the leaver, or will a Request for Access form need to be filled in?

At the point of leaving

  1. Staff card returned and destroyed?
  2. Salto returned?
  3. Keys returned? (Lockers, safes, pedestals, room keys, others)
  4. Phone returned?
  5. Any other equipment returned?
    If so, what?

After the person has left

  1. Will any shared accounts need passwords changing as a result of the user leaving?
  2. Will any password-protected files or other secret information need changing as a result of the user leaving?
    • If so, what?
  3. Phone data wiped?
  4. Laptop HD wiped?
  5. AD account disabled?
  6. Any other user accounts disabled?