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Information security relating to research centres

There are many research centres at LSE, making up a large part of its activities. It is really important that individual groups don’t feel that they fall outside LSE’s support environment. Equally, the rules and regulations that govern the rest of LSE apply to these groups.

There are some issues of particular concern to research centres:

Personal data and data protection

Many projects sponsored by governments or other organisations have contractual requirements around the way data must be handled.

Data should be treated according to its sensitivity. The UK Government defines sensitivity levels in Annex One of the HMG Security Policy framework [pdf]|.

LSE has adopted these definitions into its data classification scheme [pdf]|. This also tells you how data at each level can be safely handled and distributed.

Classifying data and treating it accordingly is the responsibility of every data owner and custodian.

If you have any queries about this area, please contact either the IT Service Desk|, the Information Security Manager, Jethro Perkins|, or the School's Data Protection Officer, Dan Bennett|.

Storage of data locally on PCs

Please be aware that local PCs are not centrally backed up, unlike LSE's network storage (H: drive, etc). If there is critical data that cannot be lost or compromised, please contact either the IT Service Desk or the Information Security Manager, Jethro Perkins.

3rd Party Data Sharing

There may be a need for individuals who are not members of LSE to share data on projects. If there are any queries about how this can be achieved, please contact either the IT Service Desk or the Information Security Manager, Jethro Perkins.

For advice on the Data Protection Act, please contact LSE's Data Protection Officer, Dan Bennett.