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Information Management and Technology


Planned telephony maintenance, 09:00 - 22:00, Friday 25 April

On Friday, IMT will be supporting the move to the new digital phone system. This work will impact on the telephony services at the Anchorage, Clement House, East Building, Clare Market Building and Cowdray House. During this time, it may not be possible to contact staff via their telephone extension in the affected areas. Telephone services in all other locations will remain unaffected. Please email it.servicedesk@lse.ac.uk| or call 020 7107 5000 if you have any questions or concerns.


Screen Locking and Application Control

As part of our ongoing commitment to safe, responsible computer use and data management, Screen Locking and Application Control are being introduced to LSE PCs.

Application Control| is in place now and will stop potentially damaging or inappropriate software from being installed on to LSE machines and putting the rest of the network at risk.

Screen Locking| will introduce automatic locks after a period of inactivity, to help prevent unauthorised use of network accounts and offer greater protection for IT account holders. It is being rolled out across the HR and Finance Divisions, open access computer rooms on campus and in the Library from 29th April.


Latest status information

For the latest IT service status information and news see the LSE IT News Blog| or follow us on Twitter: @lseitnews|


Student computer areas|

LSE has around 1000 PCs around the School and residence computer rooms. Find information on term time computer access, vacation computer access and i-Roam, the LSE laptop loan service


Audio-visual services|

Audio visual services are available to provide support for teaching rooms and lecture theatres in and around LSE.




Using your own computer and mobile device|

Information on connecting to LSE resources off-site, connecting personally-owned laptops and connecting mobile devices to the LSE network.


IT training|

The IT Training team offer free training sessions and individualised support throughout the year to help both staff and students use a variety of software packages more effectively.


IT accessibility|

Accessibility and inclusion information is provided to support individual staff and student using equipment, computer software and assistive technology.


Information security|

Guidance is provided on our approach to information security, policies and procedures, handing sensitive data, securely using LSE equipment and securing your own devices.





Online guides and FAQs|

Extensive guides and frequently asked questions are provided on Information Management and Technology tools, facilities and resources.


Service catalogue|

This Service Catalogue provides a central source of information and a brief overview of all the current services provided by Information Management and Technology.


Buy hardware and software|

There are a series of agreements available to LSE staff and students, which can lead to discounts when purchasing IT hardware and software.






Staff and Postgraduate Students: Contact Us|

Find information on how staff and postgraduate students contact Information Management and Technology, get support for School-owned hardware and software or ask general IT queries.


Taught Students: Contact Us|

Find information on how taught students contact Information Management and Technology, get support for School-owned hardware and software or ask general IT queries.


Who's who in IMT|

Find organisational structure information for Information Management and Technology staff.