Pulse Secure

Upgrading from the old VPN client

LSE is upgrading its remote access service. This will include new VPN clients for Windows and Mac. 

The service upgrade is being performed on the morning of 26th January 2016. Anybody who subsequently logs on using the old ‘Juniper Pulse’ VPN client will be invited to install the new one. 

There are a few cosmetic changes: the new client is no longer called ‘Pulse’, it is called ‘Pulse Secure’, has a new logo and a green colour scheme.

Here’s what will happen:

Log in as normal after the morning of the 26th January 2016, and if you are using an older version of the VPN client, you will receive the following message:

Upgrade message

Click on ‘upgrade’ and the new client will automatically be downloaded and installed. It will then remove the older version of the client and automatically connect. 

If for any reason the upgrade procedure fails, you can manually uninstall the old client and then download and install the new one from the links provided here (the links will automatically deliver the new client when the code upgrade of the remote access service has been completed).

The new client looks like this:

Pulse secure