How do I send a voicemail message to another user who has a mailbox on the system?

To send a message select option 1 from the Main Menu. The system will ask you to enter the mailbox number of the desired recipient. You will then be asked to record you message. After recording, the following options are available

  • Press '1' TO SEND. Sends the message you have just recorded to the requested mailbox.
  • Press '2' TO REPLAY. Replays the message you have just recorded in order to check the contents.
  • Press '3' TO APPEND. Allows you to add additional comments to the end of your message
  • Press '4' TO RERECORD. Allows you to rerecord the message you have just recorded.

Note that you must always finish by pressing '1' if you want the message to be sent to the requested mailbox. It is not sufficient to simply record the message and then hang up.