How do I access the voicemail system?

To access the Voicemail System dial 88 (From outside the School, dial 020 7955 6880). The system will greet you and ask you for your mailbox number. This will be the same as your extension number. The system will then ask you for your PIN number which is the same as your extension number if you have not previously accessed the system to change it.

After entering your PIN number the system will inform you of any outstanding new messages currently in your mailbox.

If you are a new user to the voicemail system, after entering your mailbox number the system will greet you and inform you of your current PIN number and ask you to change it to a minimum three digit number. You will not be allowed to proceed until you do so. Voicemail will then give you a brief guide to the system and inform you of any outstanding messages.

The Main Menu

The Main Menu is played as soon as you access the system. It consists of the following options:-

  • Press '1' TO SEND A MESSAGE. Allows you to send a message to any other user who has a mailbox on the system.
  • Press '2' TO RETRIEVE MESSAGES. Allows you to retrieve any messages in your mailbox. This option will only be played if you have messages.
  • Press '3' FOR GREETING OPTIONS. Allows you to record and select customised greetings and names.
  • Press '4' FOR MAILBOX OPTIONS. Allows you to change your mailbox settings i.e your PIN number.

The Greetings Menu

The system plays the Greetings Menu if you select '3' from the Main Menu. It consists of the following options:

  • Press '1' TO RECORD YOUR REGULAR GREETING. Allows you to record your own mailbox greeting which will be played to any caller leaving a message for you.