What is the School's policy on making personal phone calls?

Staff may use the LSE phone system during working hours for making short personal calls to local or national numbers.

If a member of staff needs to make calls of a longer duration, or calls to international numbers they should do this in their own time. These calls may either be made using the public telephones situated around the school or by using your personal account on the School's telephone system.

Using the School phone system to make personal phone calls

Press *2 on your telephone handset followed by your LSE ID number (found in the top left hand corner of your LSE ID card.

Then press the # key. You will hear a dial tone; dial the number as normal beginning with a 9 to obtain an external line.

How you will be charged

Every 3 months (quarterly) you will be sent an e-mail or letter detailing the charges made to you and when the payments will be deducted from your salary.

The report will also show the number you called; the date, time and duration of the call; and the extension the call was made from.


Last reviewed: 5 March 2014